Lost Voices: An Untold Story of the South Asian Diaspora

Your lived experiences matter

Episode Notes

Alisha reflects on her investigation into archiving sparked by the Gwillim Archive and draws on her experiences as a journalist to help reframe the value of these letters and paintings from colonial-era India. To close out the podcast, Alisha turns to the present day, thinks about how we talk about lived experience and asks: Where does the responsibility lie in news organizations to make sure new voices are telling stories? Alisha is joined by Arti Patel, the co-founder of Didihood and a senior producer at CBC. Sahaj Kohli returns to discuss resilience. Do we need to be loud for our stories to be believed and how does that impact how these stories are archived? Sahaj and Alisha talk about the challenges of finding spaces where we can be believed without having to prove ourselves. Will these spaces spawn new archival opportunities to rethink our relationship with history and storytelling? Can the Gwillim Archive serve as a starting point for deeper reflection on how to bring more diverse voices into our interpretation of the past?